Q: What is your favourite thing about living and working in London?

A: It’s very exciting. You see, I come from Mungia, a town of just 18,000 people, and London is so big and diverse. So for me, it’s an amazing city with endless possibilities of things to see and do. I love London’s diversity, there are so many different ethnic groups and therefore so many fascinating places to eat. 

Q: What do you enjoy about being the leader of a team of chefs in a busy kitchen?

A: Every day we learn something together, because they are like my family. I’m super proud of them and what we achieve as a team.

Q: What do you like most about Basque cuisine? 

A: I like our Basque tradition of handing down passion for cooking from generation to generation. We put a lot of soul into preparing every dish. We live from the land and most families grow their own produce. We pick it fresh and cook it the same day. What could be better than a tortilla made from freshly laid eggs and potatoes direct from the field?

Q: Which dish do you like to cook to remind you of home?  

A: Maybe Gernika black beans made my grandmother’s way… or hake in green sauce… or perhaps squid in its own ink? There are so many!

Q: Is there a typically British dish/food that you enjoy since moving to London?

A: The quality of the meat and of the vegetables is very good here. So a perfectly grilled steak, with home-made mashed potato (made with plenty of British butter), is a favourite.