Eneko Basque Kitchen & Bar is proud to serve an all-Spanish wine list including four exclusive wines from Chef Eneko’s family winery in Bilbao, Gorka Izagirre. On our menu are three txakoli (chak-ko-li) wines, excellent examples of the light, very dry white wines produced in the Basque Country, as well as a highly desirable dessert wine. Txakoli is the ideal accompaniment to the fun tapas-style pintxos we serve in in our bar and goes well with the authentic grilled meats and fish cooked on the unique Josper grill in the main restaurant.    

Basque Region & Txakoli 

The Basque Country is a gastronomic region, world famous for the high quality food and wine which its local people produce. Txakoli is a white wine unique to the Basque Country and is produced in only three areas across the region, Alava, Biscay and Getaria. The grapes are descendants of Basque farming and a delicate manual harvest takes place each October. The high rainfall and average temperatures of this region allow the varietals to be full of character which give Txakoli its distinctive identity.

Eneko Atxa and Gorka Izagirre

Passionate about Basque heritage and produce, the multi-Michelin starred chef Eneko Atxa owns and runs a beautiful countryside winery with his family.  Eneko is passionate about sustainability and is dedicated to using the latest oenological technology to bring out the best from the grapes. 

The vineyard is a vast space of 31 hectares where the local grape varietals Hondarrabi Zuri and Hondarrabi Zerratia are grown on the steep and rolling hills. The vineyard is divided into smaller plots which are positioned carefully to allow for maximum exposure to the morning sun and fresh air that allow the grapes to develop to their highest potential.  

The Wines 

Providing a modern take on traditional Txakoli, Gorka Izagirre combines both varietals of grapes to create a fresh and dry taste which is perfect as an appetizer. The elegant and complex vintage G22 by Gorka Izagirre and sophisticated, subtle 42 by Eneko Atxa use the essence of the finest Hondarrabi Zerratia. 

The sweet dessert wine Arima can only be produced in exceptional years when the harvesting  takes place in November.  Meaning ‘soul’ in Basque, Arima captures the essence of Biscay with its mature, enveloping flavours.  

The newest member of the wine family is Ama, meaning mother in Basque.  Created in 2015 after one of the warmest summers in Biscay, this unique wine uses exceptionally ripened grapes to create a smooth, silky taste that exudes simplicity, elegance and exclusivity.  

Which one will you try?